About Us



Edwin Lisa Eyebrow Embroidery Corporation was established in 2015 with a mission to make the world filled with beautiful people one eyebrow at a time; and with a vision to continue to provide people the access to state-of-the-art and world-class technology in permanent make-up, eyebrow embroidery and scalp micropigmentation in the Philippines.


The company’s CEO and Grand Master Artist Edwin Lisa Labalan popularly known as Edwin Lisa began to create a name in the world of beauty and creative cosmetics after his more than 18 years of success as a professional hairstylist and an effective businessman. Introducing his own brand of charm and style, he almost immediately won the hearts of his customers and kept them coming back for more with exclusive privileges. He has offered an array of hair care and beauty options while providing extraordinary customer service and making sure they get really good value for their money.


While embarking on his journey to a rewarding entrepreneurial career, Edwin Lisa has joined and won a number of prestigious hairstyling and hair coloring competitions. He was able to master his own craft and likewise build a great team equipped with his good values, determination and drive for excellence, integrity and perfection. His leadership, business management diploma and supportive contemporaries enabled him to stay abreast of the beauty and business industry and made him earn and enjoy the trust and confidence of his loyal client base. As a matter of fact, clients are fond to mention about his artistic and careful hands.


Adding more laurels to his cap, he made efforts to get trained and get certified by experts from different parts of the world. At the same time, Edwin Lisa has done research and detailed analysis of his market and he understood and responded to the needs of his more sophisticated and high profitable segment of customers.  His desire to create a unique way of serving them, paved the way to realizing his passion and talent in mastering microblading eyebrow embroidery. His knowledge, skills and techniques can match renowned artists and celebrity stylists including Ms. Irene Teo of Beafully International in Singapore. He has completed his Nano 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Creative Course under her tutelage in 2015. He also trained under Craftmaster Doville Zilinskaite of Phibrows Microblading USA, Grand Master Sviatoshlav Otchenash of Academy-S from Estonia and Master Branko Babic of Microblading Academy in Belgrade Serbia, which was done in Manila. Edwin Lisa has already achieved the highest rank of a Grand Master with his recognizable technique, significant contribution to the development of the existing techniques, and with his hundreds of certified students.


For many years, he has served as a teacher and mentor not just to his staff and his business partners but also to many of his preferred customers.  He has imparted to them great experiences and expertise, thus, ELBrow Microblading Academy was born in 2014 to train more practitioners in microblading masterclass and certify them to be masters as well. Grand Master Edwin Lisa has designed a new technique, developed good personal qualities and has helped others to advance through his own unique system and operations that truly delight his clients and students.


Edwin Lisa Eyebrow Embroidery has been featured in many media programs including MyPuhunan with Karen Davila, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, DZMM’s Goodvibes and in ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda morning show. He maintains a very influential online status as an authority in eyebrow embroidery, permanent make-up and scalp micropigmentation as is evident from his huge and growing followers and reviews in his social media accounts and webpages.


Edwin Lisa has made a promise, which he has delivered to the expectation and satisfaction of his customers in haircutting, creative hair coloring, cosmetic artistry and now microblading embroidery. His whole team notes that clients always look forward to another visit to Edwin Lisa’s shops. He offers hair salon services in Evangelista and JP Rizal in Makati City and recently opened branches in Manila to cater to his VIP clients for eyebrow embroidery, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation in SM Manila and Lucky Chinatown Mall.